Frequently Asked Questions about ZALVE wound healing cream

Where can I purchase ZALVE® wound healing cream?

ZALVE® is non-prescription product that can be purchased at your local pharmacy.

Should I avoid using other treatments concomitantly?

Avoid using products that contain iodine or potassium permanganate when using ZALVE® . The effects of concomitant treatment with other topical medications, including herbal remedies, have not been studied.

What side effects could ZALVE® have?

ZALVE® is generally well-tolerated. Shortly after application, a local temporary sting may be experienced. Discontinue use if these symptoms persist.

How should ZALVE® be stored?

ZALVE® wound healing cream should be used before the expiration date stated on the tube and carton. It should be stored at 5-25 ° C.

What does ZALVE® contain?

The main active ingredients of ZALVE® are the naturally occurring lipids monoglycerides, glyceryl myristate, glyceryl laurate and water.

How does ZALVE® work?

ZALVE® contains naturally occuring lipids. These lipids are embedded in a crystalline structure in the cream, and hydrogen peroxide (a well-known antiseptic) and water are found in between these crystals.

When in contact with skin the lipids melt and allow the release of hydrogen peroxide and water into the sore. If the wound is exuding, then the fluid from the sore travels in the opposite direction and is absorbed by the cream.

Trough this mechanism ZALVE® controls the moisture balance in the wound and keeps it clean.

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Product information

ZALVE®  wound healing cream is a medical device class 3. Always read the leaflet carefully before starting treatment, click here (in Swedish).